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B2B Marketing Research Online Seminar Series (BROSS)

EMAC / anzmac

EMAC / anzmac

Supported by EMAC and ANZMAC


To register and to receive an invitation to join the online seminar, please send an email to michael.kleinaltenkamp@fu-berlin.de.

If you are interested in giving a presentation in the series yourself, please contact the heads of the ANZMAC B2B SIG (Sudha Mani: sudha.mani@monash.edu, Erik Mooi: erik.mooi@unimelb.edu.au) or the EMAC B2B SIG (Vishal Kashyap Kashyap: vishal.kashyap@uni-graz.at, Michael Kleinaltenkamp: michael.kleinaltenkamp@fu-berlin.de) indicating the authors, the title of the presentation and one or two preferred dates.

Schedule 2020

June 4, 2020 (9am CEST, 5pm AEST, 7pm NZST)

Andreas Eggert, Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Vishal Kashyap and Wolfgang Ulaga:

“How Business Customers Perceive Value: An Integrated Model”


July 9, 2020 (9am CEST, 5pm AEST, 7pm NZST)

Erik Mooi, Elham Ghazimatin and Jan Heide:

“Organizing for Innovation: B2B Projects, Task Configuration, and Outcomes”


August 6, 2020 (9am CEST, 5pm AEST, 7pm NZST)

Mrinal Ghosh:

“Product-Form Strategy: Where Does a Firm Choose to Locate in the Value Chain and Why”


September 3, 2020 (9am CEST, 5pm AEST, 7pm NZST)

Alok Kumar, Huanhuan Shi, Jenifer Skiba and Amit Saini:

Buying Groups in the US Healthcare Market: A B2B Perspective


October 8, 2020 (9am CEST, 5pm AEST, 7pm NZST)

Sudha Mani, Vivek Astvansh and Kersi D. Antia:

“Buyer-Supplier Destructive Acts and Buyers’ Bankruptcy Outcomes”


November 5, 2020 (9am CET, 7pm AET, 9pm NZT)

Thomas Ritter:

“How Covid-19 impacts business marketing: experiences and research questions”


December 3, 2020 (9am CET, 7pm AET, 9pm NZT)

  1. Dave Gilliland: Introducing the Journal of Inter-organizational Research
  2. Open discussion on the future of the B2B Research Online Seminar Series (BROSS) in 2021