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Research on AI startups & growth in collaboration with K.I.E.Z.

While there is much known about how "traditional" digital startups grow - how do we scale scale AI-based startups?

Our goal is to better understand what distinguishes AI startups and which mechanisms enable accelerated scalability from an entrepreneurial perspective.

To get closer to this goal, we invite founders, decision makers and investors who have gained experience with AI startups to a joint workshop at the AI Campus and conduct interviews in a scientific framework.

We invite you to contribute to a better understanding of AI-based companies and help us strengthen the European ecosystem with this insight. We publish our findings and develop an open framework for AI startups based on the gathered insights.

Scaling AI Workshop at AI Campus Berlin:

In Q2 2022, we will hold a workshop at AI Campus Berlin with founders and on the topic of Scaling AI Startups. Experts who participated in our interviews will have the opportunity to participate in this workshop as well.

Interview Setting:

All interviews will take place in a digital setting. We pseudo- or anonymize personal data - companies and persons are not traceable for external parties.

We will arrange the time according to your wishes. For the interview we schedule approx. 45 minutes.

Make an appointment at:


Or alternatively send us an email to jonathan.zebhauser@kiez.ai with the subject Interview and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact person:

Jonathan Zebhauser, AI Innovation Manager at the Digital Entrepreneurship Hub, FU Berlin / K.I.E.Z., Science & Startups.


Since May 2021, we are a excited to take part in Berlin’s new K.I.E.Z. – “Künstliche Intelligenz Entrepreneurship Zentrum”. This initiative is dedicated to incubating and accelerating AI ventures. We provide entrepreneurs in AI with scientific expertise, access to capital, industry partners and hiring talent. As project lead for Freie Universität Berlin, at DEH sets its full focus on helping AI ventures grow in order to make Berlin a leading ecosystem for innovations with Artificial Intelligence.


With the K.I.E.Z project, we build on our experience in mentoring and studying digital entrepreneurship. We explore the key factors of scaling AI startups using a design-oriented research paradigm. We can apply our insights directly to the incubation and acceleration of concrete startups in the incubation and acceleration programs at K.I.E.Z.

For us at the Digital Entrepreneurship Hub, the K.I.E.Z project is a great opportunity to drive innovation with potentially disruptive technology at Freie Universität Berlin and in close collaboration with Profund Innovation as well as the technology transfer institutions of Charité, Humboldt Innovation and the Centre for Entrepreneurship at TU Berlin.

K.I.E.Z. is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and complements the incubation services of all network partners.

The consortium project is led by the successful entrepreneur Tina Kluewer. In addition to our scouting tasks, we are responsible for gaining a new understanding of scaling AI companies and providing support measures for this.

Project duration:
05/2021 - 04/2025

Person of contact:
Prof. Dr. Hannes Rothe (ICN),
Prof. Dr. Janina Sundermeier (FU Berlin),
Jonathan Zebhauser (FU Berlin)

Project funding by Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action:
0.5M (FU Berlin), 6.85M (Konsortium)