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We study the interfaces between entrepreneurship, organizing data & knowledge, and digital infrastructures & ecosystems.


  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation with Bio Data
    • Towards Health Futures Community
    • Creating and Appropriating Value from Bio Data
      (joint project with ELIXIR)
  • Digital Entrepreneurship @Digital Entrepreneurship Hub
  • Educational Service Engineering for Science & Tech Entrepreneurs
    • Postdoc-to-Innovators Project
      (with Cambridge, Paris, Glasgow, Innsbruck, Schlumberger, AstraZeneca, BP and Shell)
    • Freie Academic Entreprepreneurs Online Course
      (funded by DFG excellence initiative; co-funded by Ernst-Reuter-Gesellschaft)
    • Project LEON: Introduction to Data Science Engineering
      (subproject with Cedis, funded by Federal Ministry of Education and Reseach)
    • Entrepreneurial Network University (EXIST IV)
    • (funded by Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and ESF)
    • BWL für Veterinärmediziner
      (finished, funded by Volkswagenstiftung, KELDAT, and Cedis

Selected Publications

Rothe, Hannes; Wessel, Lauri; and Barquet, Ana Paula (2020) "Accumulating Design Knowledge: A Mechanisms-Based Approach," Journal of the Association for Information Systems: Vol. 21 : Iss. 3 , Article 1. [A]

Wessel, L., Davidson, E., Barquet, A. P., Rothe, H., Peters, O., & Megges, H. Configuration in smart service systems: A practice‐based inquiry. Information Systems Journal (ISJ)29(6), 1256-1292, 2019. [A]

Fürstenau, D., Rothe, H. & Sandner, M. Leaving the Shadow: A Configurational Approach to Explain Post-identification Outcomes of Shadow IT Systems. Bus Inf Syst Eng (2020). [B]

Rothe, H.; Jarvenpaa, S., L.; and Penninger, A. A., How do entrepreneurial firms appropriate value in bio data infrastructures: an exploratory qualitative study. In Proceedings of the 27th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), 2019. Awarded by Claudio Ciborra Award for most innovate paper 2019 [B]

Rothe, H.; Täuscher, K.; and Basole, R., C., Competition between platform ecosystems: a longitudinal study of MOOC platforms. In Twenty-Sixth European Conference on Information Systems, 2018. [B]

Kooper, A.; Furstenau, D.; Zimmermann, S.; Klotz, S.; Rentrop, C.; Rothe, H.; Strahringer, S.; and Westner, M., Shadow IT and Business-Managed IT: A Conceptual Framework and Empirical IllustrationInternational Journal of IT/Business Alignment and Governance (IJITBAG), 9(2): 19. 2018.   [C equivalent]

Schweighofer, P.; Weitlaner, D.; Ebner, M.; and Rothe, H., Influential factors for technology-enhanced learning: professionals’ views Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching & Learning, 2019.

Fürstenau, D.; Anisimova, D.; Masak, D.; Rothe, H.; and Schulte-Althoff, M., The Digital Platform Otto. de: A Case Study of Growth, Complexity, and Generativity. In Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik, 2019. [C]

Furstenau, D.; Rothe, H.; and Sandner, M., Shadow systems, risk, and shifting power relations in organizations. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 41. 2017. [C]

Rothe, H.; and Steier, F., Shaping the Boundaries of a Service Ecosystem: The Case of UdacityIn Proceedings of the 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2017. [C]