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Forschung/ Research




Market Design in History


Anglo-Dutch Premium Auctions in Eighteenth Century Amsterdam (with Christiaan van Bochove and with Daniel Quint)


The Design of Debt Clearing Markets: Clearinghouse Mechanisms in Pre-Industrial Europe(with John Hatfield)


Medieval Matching Markets (with Daniel Quint)

covered by blogs: Al Roth Market Design Blog; Economic Logician



Trade Epidemics


Epidemic Trade (with Battista Severgnini)

covered by the media:The Economist: The weekly papers

covered by blogs: Back-Of-The-Envelope Economics; Medievalists Net

Genoa and Venice: Traders of Prosperity, Growth, and Death (with Battista Severgnini),  in: Georg Chirst et al. (eds.), Trading Diasporas in the Eastern Mediterranean (1200-1700). forthcoming 2012.



Currency Unions


The Utility of a Common Coinage: Currency Unions and Financial Market Integration in Late Medieval Central Europe, (with Oliver Volckart), Explorations in Economic History 48, (2011), pp. 53-65.


„…darumb das alsdann die Bequemikeit eyner einigenn Muntz sich manigfaltig erzeigenn mocht...“: Spätmittelalterliche Währungsunionen und ihre Folgen, (with Oliver Volckart), Bankhistorisches Archiv/ Banking and Finance in Historical Perspective 33(2), (2007).



Community Responsibility Systems and Financial Markets


Communal Responsibility and the Coexistence of Money and Credit Under Anonymous Matching,  (with Albrecht Ritschl), CEP Discussion Paper 1034, December 2010.

here you find a short introduction:CEP comment


The Economic History of Sovereignty: Communal Responsibility, the Extended Family, and the Firm, (with Albrecht Ritschl), Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 165(1), (2009) , pp. 99-112.


Individual enforcement of collective liability in premodern Europe, (with Albrecht Ritschl), Journal of institutional and theoretical economics, 158(1), (2002), pp. 205-213.



Firms and Partnerships


Breaking up is hard to do: Partnership Dissolution, the Economy of the Commenda, and the Origin of the Firm mimeo.


Die Fugger. Ein Grossunternehmen des 16. Jahrhunderts transaktionkostenökonomisch erklärt? In: Bruno Staffelbach und Marcel Senn (eds.), Ökonomik im Mittelalter: Eine Zeitreise mit modernen mikroökonomischen Theorien, Zürich: Chronos 2002.