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Ausschreibung Forschungspraktikum: Gender and Firm Culture

News vom 15.04.2021

Ausschreibung Forschungspraktikum - Gender and Firm Culture

Despite increases in female labor force participation in Germany, gender gaps in pay and working hours remain high. One reason may be that women value non-monetary employment benefits and a positive work culture more than men do. This research project studies first, whether women are valuing and experiencing work culture differently and secondly whether this is linked to other firm characteristics like the gender composition in executive boards and leadership. The project relies on exclusive data from the online platform kununu containing employer evaluations by employees and information on pay and firm culture. As part of the research project you are required to match the kununu dataset with other firm-level datasets (e.g. BoardEx), which allows the evaluation of the link between gender diversity in firms and firm culture.

Your main task will be to clean and prepare the datasets, to conduct a first analysis and to review the relevant literature. The project is designed to last three months (18 ECTS), and can potentially be continued as a Master Thesis with exclusive use of the Kununu dataset.

Good coding skills, e.g. with Stata or R, are required. Additionally, knowledge of empirical methods would be an asset.

The earliest start date is May 1.

Please send your detailed application to luisa.hammer@fu-berlin.de & astrid.pape@fu-berlin.de.

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