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Seminar Geldtheorie


Participants will explore and discuss a variety of transmission mechanisms of monetary policy. Students are expected to deliver a seminar paper (in English) and participate in the general discussion (in English or, if helpful, in German).







16th ofFebruary, 12:00 (am) Preliminary Meeting, Kaminzimmer (Boltzmannstraße)
General introduction; discussion of proceedings; introduction to topics. Students must fill out an application form during the meeting.

Until 24th of March 2006
Students will be informed of their topics for the seminar paper via email.

Until 1st of April
Students have to propose an outline of the paper and discuss it with their advisor. Note that this is also the final date to register for the seminar.
Deadline for submission of seminar papers is the 15th of May 2006!

9th of June 2006
Seminar presentations and discussion (“Blockveranstaltung”)

Selection of Students:

Skills in monetary economics (for instance, classes visited) will be taken into account. A maximum of 20 students will participate.

Allocation of topics:

The list of topics can be previewed here. As a rule, more than one student will work on a topic. The allocation of topics will be based on students’ preferences. Students will be informed about their topic by email early in the semester break.


Seminar papers are to be submitted in English. Presentations and discussions should also be in English. Of course, students may switch to German during discussions whenever helpful.



  • Each participant will write a seminar paper, which (s)he will also present to the group. The length of the presentation should not exceed 45 minutes. (Click here to view the specific requirements for seminar papers [text in German). In addition, you are strongly encouraged to follow this link and read the 'Writing tips for PhD. students' by John Cochrane.)
  • In addition each student should be ready to discuss any other seminar paper. All papers will be available online 2 weeks prior to the seminar. The idea is that the specific problems or/and interesting issues of the topic should be highlighted for about 5 minutes (with just a few slides/transparencies) to prepare the general discussion of the presentation and paper. There will be a random selection of the discussants after each presentation.
  • Each participant is required to prepare an introduction into the main theme of the seminar, 'Transmission channels of monetary policy', based on  the first article of the topic list (Mishkin 1995). There will be random selection of the participant who gives the introduction. This person then of course is excluded from discussing papers after presentation.
  • Students are expected to participate actively in the general discussion. 


The deadline for submission will be at the 15th ofMay 2006  (see above). Two hard copies (stapled) of the paper should be submitted as well as a PDF file (preferably, Word otherwise).


Final grades will be reflecting the grade received on the seminar paper as well as participant’s achievements in their presentation, their discussion of other papers, and their contribution to the general discussion.