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Writing Your Thesis at the Chair of Macroeconomics

If you want to write your thesis on a macroeconomic topic at our chair, we ask you to submit a short written application. The deadline for applications is October 1st for the winter term and April 1st for the summer term.

Please send your application to LS-Makrooekonomik@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de as soon as possible, preferably in the semester before you plan to write your thesis.

Your application requires:

  • a brief argument on why you want to write a thesis in macroeconomics
  • information about your interests, abilities, and experience in macroeconomics, mathematics, econometrics, and working with data
  • information whether you prefer to write in English or German
  • your most recent transcript of records
  • in case of a Bachelor's thesis: the registration form and the Excel application sheet

While a well-formulated topic proposal is not essential, it is helpful. In addition, we are interested in your proficiency in software, specifically in spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel, statistical software such as Stata, R or Python, and numeric computing software like Matlab or Mathematica.

For more information, including a guide on how to write a thesis or seminar paper, please see below and visit our website.

For Bachelor students:

You can download the registration form here: https://www.wiwiss.fu-berlin.de/studium-lehre/pruefungsbuero/Antraege-u-formulare/Anmeldeformular-BA-VWL.pdf. Fill in all preferences for chairs at our faculty and leave the field "Topic" empty, as we will discuss your research question after the application deadline has passed.

You can download the Excel application sheet below.

We strongly recommend that undergraduate students take at least one additional macroeconomic course, aside from the mandatory introduction to macroeconomics, and a seminar before starting a Bachelor's thesis at our chair.