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Elias Wolf


Chair of Econometrics

School of Business and Economics

Boltzmannstraße 20
Raum 303
14195 Berlin


By appointment

Elias Wolf is a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at Freie Universität (FU) Berlin. He joined the the chair of Econometrics as a research assistant in April 2019.

He holds a M.Sc in Economics from FU Berlin. During his studies, Elias worked as a student assistant at the German Institute of Economic Research (DIW Berlin). He also studied at the University of California in Davis and wrote his Master‘s Thesis at the Research Center of the Deutsche Bundesbank in Frankfurt. 

His research interests include applied econometrics, macroeconomics, monetary policy,  spectral analysis and machine learning.


Summer 2020: Big Data in Economics


Summer 2020: Univariate Time Series Analysis

Winter 2019: Econometric Analysis

Summer 2019: Univariate Time Series Analysis

Forschungsschwerpunkt Statistik und Ökonometrie
Graduate Center of DIW Berlin