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Summer 2005

Program Summer 2005

April 20, 2005 Daniele Checchi, University of Milan
Labour Shares and the Personal Distribution of Income in the OECD
April 27, 2005 Thomas Gaube, Max-Planck-Institut Bonn
Altruism and Charitable Giving in a Fully Replicated Economy
May 4, 2005 Hans Gersbach, Universität Heidelberg
Banking, Risk and the Macroeconomy
May 11, 2005 Sascha Becker, Universität München
Location Choice and Employment Decisions: A Comparison of German and Swedish Multinationals
May 18, 2005 Fabien Dell, DIW
The Devil in the Details: Income Taxation and the Family in France and Germany
May 25, 2005 Philipp Harms, RWTH Aachen:
Foreign Aid and Developing Countries' Creditworthiness
June 1, 2005 Marco Vivarelli, University of Piacenza
Innovation and Employment:Evidence from Italian Microdata
June 8, 2005 Ottorino Chillemi, University of Padova
On the Economic Value of Repeated Interactions under Adverse Selection
June 15, 2005 Alberto Bisin, New York University
Hyperbolic Discount: An Experimental Analysis
June 29, 2005 Bernd Hayo, Universität Marburg
Inflation, Central Bank Independence and the Legal System
July 6, 2005 Axel Ockenfels, Universität Köln
The Influence of Information Externalities on the Value of Reputation Building:  An Experiment