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Summer 2007

Program Summer 2007

18. April 2007

no session
25. April 2007
Claudia Senik, Paris School of Economics
Is man doomed to progress?
2. May 2007   Werner Eichhorst, IZA Bonn
The German Labor Market: Still Adjusting Badly?
9. May 2007

Guenter Beck, Frankfurt University
Money in Monetary Policy Design under uncertainty: The Two-Pillar Phillips Curve versus ECB-Style Cross-Checking
16. May 2007

Christian Traxler
Measuring Deterrence: Micro Evidence on Detection and Self-Reporting
23. May 2007

Paul de Grauwe,K. U. Leuven
Modeling optimism and pessimism in the foreign exchange market
30. May 2007

Emmanuelle Auriol, University of Toulouse
On the Optimal Number of Representatives
6. June 2007

Robert Fenge, CESifo Munich
Mixing Bismarck and Child Pensions: An Optimum Taxation Approach
13. June 2007

Katrin Assenmacher-Wesche,Swiss National Bank
Monetary Factors and Inflation in Japan
20. June 2007

no session

27. June 2007

Patrizio Tirelli, University of Milan
Public expenditure and growth volatility: do policies and institutions matter?
4. July 2007

Wolfgang Buchholz, University of Regensburg
Equal Sacrifice and Fair Burden-Sharing in a Public Goods Economy
11. July 2007

Istvan P. Szekely, IMF and European Commission
(with Adam Kobor, Worldbank)
Financial market volatility and comovements in the EU12 countries   (Presentation)  
18. July 2007

This seminar will take place in room 108, Garystrasse 21. Peter Sørensen, University of Copenhagen
The Effects of Tax Competition when Politicians Create Rents to Buy Political Support

Support for the Research Seminar in Economics by the Deutsche Bundesbank, Hauptverwaltung Berlin and the Bundesverband Deutscher Banken is gratefully acknowledged.