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Summer 2013

April 18, 2013

Andrea Brandolini (Banca d'Italia)

The Great Recession and the Distribution of Household Income


April 25, 2013


Andrew Clark (Paris School of Economics)

The Value of Diplomacy: Bilateral Relations and Immigrant Well-Being


May 23, 2013


Matteo Cervellati (University of Bologna)

Religious Norms and Long Term Development: Insurance, Human Capital and Technological Change

May 28, 2013

Thomas Aronsson (University of Umea)

Positional Preferences in Time and Space: Implications for Optimal Income Taxation

June 6, 2013

Christian Pfarr (University of Bayreuth)

Meltzer-Richard and Social Mobility Hypothesis: Revisiting the Income-Redistribution Nexus using German Choice Data

June 19, 2013

Marcel Fratzscher (Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung)

Oil Prices, Exchange Rates and Asset Prices


June 27, 2013

Katja Görlitz(Freie Universität Berlin)

The Effect of High School Curriculum on University Enrollment and the Choice of College Major

July 11, 2013  

Michael Kvasnicka (RWI, Berlin office)

Fukushima and the German Housing Market