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Winter 2006/07

Program Winter 2006/07

18. October 2006

Rick van der Ploeg, European University Institute Florence
Political Economy of Public Investment: Merits of Golden and Deficit Rules
25. October 2006

Andreas Knabe, University Magdeburg
Marginal wage subsidies: a redistributive instrument for employment creation
1. November 2006

Claudia Buch, University Tübingen
Does Export Openness Increase Firm-Level Volatility?
8. November 2006


Claudia Senik, Paris School of Economics
Is man doomed to progress?

15. November 2006

Christian Toft, University Kassel
The distributional impact of tax-benefit systems in the EU and the US. A decomposition analysis.
22. November 2006

Monique Ebell, Humboldt University Berlin
On the Real Origins of the Great Depression
29. November 2006

Frank Heinemann, Technische Universität Berlin
Measuring Strategic Uncertainty in Coordination Games
6. December 2006

Xavier Debrun, IMF and Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva
The Discipline-Enhancing Effect of Fiscal Institutions: Myth or Reality?
13. December 2006

Winfried Koeniger, IZA Bonn
Employment Protection, Product Market Regulation and Firm Selection
20. December 2006

no session

10. January 2007

no session

17. January 2007

Gianni De Fraja, University of Leicester
The Origin of Utility
24. January 2007

Josef Falkinger, University Zürich
Non-governmental Public Norm Enforcement in Large Societies
31. January 2007

Friedrich Heinemann, ZEW Mannheim
Is the Welfare State Self-destructive? A Study of Government Benefit Morale

7. February 2007

Mathias Hoffmann, University Zürich
Consumption Risk Sharing over the Business Cycle: the Role of Small Firms' Access to Credit Markets
14. February 2007

Michael Burda, Humboldt University Berlin
The Distribution of Total Work in the EU and US

Support for the Research Seminar in Economics by the Deutsche Bundesbank, Hauptverwaltung Berlin and the Bundesverband Deutscher Banken is gratefully acknowledged.