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Winter 2007/08

Program Winter 2007 - 2008

October. 17, 2007 Ed Hopkins, Edinburgh University
 Which Inequality? The Inequality of Endowments Versus the Inequality of Rewards
October 24, 2007 Caren Sureth, Universität Paderborn
Taxation of Risky Investment and Paradoxical Investment Behavior
October 31, 2007 Jeannette Brosig, Universität Köln 
How coalitions get built: Evidence from an extensive form coalition game with renegotiation & externalities
November 7, 2007 Olivier Bargain, University College Dublin
Revealing Social Preferences in Europe
November 14, 2007 Robert Dur, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Social Exchange and Common Agency in Organizations
November 21, 2007
Christa Hainz, LMU München
Integrated with Their Feet: Cross-Border Lending at the German-Austrian Border
November 28, 2007
 no session
December 5, 2007
 no session
December 12, 2007
Duncan MacRae  and Elizabeth MacRae, Singapore Management University
Bargaining Theory and Merger Policy
December 19, 2007 Wolfgang Eggert, Universität Paderborn
A Dynamic Model of Conflict and Cooperation
January 9, 2008  no session
January 16, 2008  no session
January 23, 2008
Paolo Vanin, Università degli Studi di Padova
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house. Morality, temptation and crime
January 30, 2008
Marco Runkel, LMU München
Why the European Union Should Adopt Formula Apportionment with a Sales Factor
February 6, 2008  Andrew Clark, Paris-Jourdan Sciences Economiques
Looking for Labor Market Rents using Subjective Data
February 13, 2008  Peter Hahn, DIW Berlin

Support for the Research Seminar in Economics by the Deutsche Bundesbank, Hauptverwaltung Berlin and the Bundesverband Deutscher Banken is gratefully acknowledged.