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Winter 2009/10


October 21, 2009

Juha Tervala, Aboa Centre for Economics: "Tax Reforms, 'Free Lunches', and 'Cheap Lunches' in Open Economies"

October 28, 2009

Wilfried Altzinger, University of Vienna: "Die Entwicklung der Spitzeneinkommen in Österreich"

November 4, 2009

Daniel John Zizzo, University of East Anglia: "Price low and then price high or price high and then price low?"

November 11, 2009

Andràs Simonovits, Hungarian Academy of Sciences: "A Simple Model of Tax-Favored Retirement Accounts"

November 12, 2009

Karl-Heinz Paqué, University of Magdeburg: "Die Bilanz. Eine wirtschaftliche Analyse der Deutschen Einheit"

Location: Henry-Ford-Bau, Hörsaal C, Garystr. 35, Berlin-Dahlem

Time: 12 noon

November 18, 2009

Tom Truyts, Catholic University of Leuven: "Costly Signaling and Indirect Taxation"

November 25, 2009

Kerstin Bernoth, German Institute of Economic Research: "The forward premium puzzle and latent factors day by day"

December 2, 2009

Andreas Wagener, University of Hannover: "Tax Competition, Relative Performance and Policy Imitation"

December 9, 2009


Stephan Thomsen, University of Magdeburg: "Are We Wasting Our Time At School? New and Recent Evidence on the Impact of Shortening the Length of Secondary Schooling"

December 16, 2009


Yasuhiro Nakamoto, Kyushu Sangyo University: "Measurement of Social Preference from Utility-based Choice Experiments"

January 13, 2010

Till Requate, University of Kiel: "Sushi or Fish Fingers? Food-fish Diversity, Collapsing Fish Stocks and Multi-species Fishery Management"

January 20, 2010

Richard Frensch, Institute for Eastern European Studies, Regensburg: "European trade in parts and components: searching (for a trade model for searching) for offshoring evidence"

January 27, 2010

Thomas Hintermaier, University of Mannheim: "Debt Portfolios"

February 10, 2010

Amadeo Spadaro, Paris School of Economics: "Optimal taxation, social contract and the four worlds of welfare capitalism"


Support for the Research Seminar in Economics by the Deutsche Bundesbank, Hauptverwaltung Berlin and the Bundesverband Deutscher Banken is gratefully acknowledged.