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Winter 2011/12

October 27, 2011

Oliver Kirchkamp (University of Jena)

Title: Asymmetric productivities and default incomplete contracts


November 10, 2011

[14 H in HS C Henry Ford]

Wolfgang Franz (ZEW, Mannheim)

Title: Das neue Jahresgutachten des Sachverständigenrates 2011/12


November 10, 2011

[HS315 in Garystr. 21]

Robin Boadway (Queen's University, Canada)

Title: Indirect Taxes for Redistribution: Should Necessity Goods be Favored?


November 17, 2011

Anders Björklund (Stockholm University)

Title: The role of parental income over the life cycle: a comparison of Sweden and the UK


December 8, 2011

Marco Mazzoli (Catholic University of Piacenza )

Title: n.n.


January 5, 2012  

Theocharis Grigoriadis (UC Berkeley &HU Berlin)

Title: Collectivist Hierarchies and Endogenous Public Goods: A Political-Economic Theory of Russian Orthodoxy


January 12, 2012

[HS 104ain Garystr. 21]

Henrik Jensen (University of Copenhagen)



February 2, 2012

Lazlo Goerke (University of Tübingen)

Title: Relative Consumption, Working Time, and Trade Unions


February 16, 2012

Adrian Chadi (University of Münster)

Title: n.n.


 Support for the Research Seminar in Economics by the Deutsche Bundesbank, Hauptverwaltung Berlin is gratefully acknowledged.