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May 05, 2022: Anna Bindler (Universität Köln)

Anna Bindler

Discontinuities in the Age-Victimization Profile and the Determinants of Victimization

Dutch victimization rates increase by 9-15% immediately upon reaching ages 16 and 18. We disentangle the role of the many rights granted at these ages using offense location data, cross-cohort variation in the minimum legal drinking age driven by a 2014 reform, and survey data of alcohol/drug consumption and mobility behaviors. We conclude that access to weak alcohol, bars/clubs and smoking increases victimization at 16 and that age 18 rights (hard alcohol, marijuana coffee shops) exacerbate this risk; vehicle access does not play an important role. We find no evidence of systematic spillovers onto individuals still ineligible for these rights.

FU contact: dieter.nautz@fu-berlin.de