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Prenatal and Infancy Home Visiting in Germany: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial on Child and Maternal Outcomes at Child Age 7

16.02.2021 | 16:15 - 17:30

Abstract: This study exploits a randomized controlled trial to investigate the effects of a German home visiting program (Pro Kind) for disadvantaged families on child and maternal outcomes at child’s age 7. The intervention started during pregnancy and continued until the second birthday. We present results five years after the end of the home visits. We use data from telephone interviews, on-site interviews, and developmental tests to assess children’s and mothers’ mental health, life satisfaction, cognitive and social development, parenting behavior, signs of child abuse or neglect, and the family’s socio-economic status. Furthermore, we access administrative data to obtain information regarding the mother’s and child’s usage of health care services, and mother’s welfare usage and employment history. We find that Pro Kind has several positive effects on reported child behavior. For mothers, Pro Kind reduces violent parenting and increases mental health. Additionally, mothers in the treatment group have more second births and are less months employed than in the control group indicating that mother in the treatment group focus more on their family life. Overall, the results suggest that the Pro Kind intervention has long lasting effects and changed the life of the participating families sustainable in many domains.

Malte Sandner is a scientific member of staff at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB).

The Seminar will be held digitally. To sign up for the event details and invitation link please send an e-mail to s.miltner@fu-berlin.de.

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16.02.2021 | 16:15 - 17:30

Online presentation