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Winter 2010/2011

October 28, 2010

Christoph Moser, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology: "The Contribution of Trade to Wage Inequality: The Role of Skill, Gender, and Nationality"

November 11, 2010

Karine Nyborg, University of Oslo: "Playing with the Good Guys: A Public Good Game with Endogenous Group Formation"

November 18, 2010

Marco Runkel, University of Magdeburg: "Subsidizing Renewable Energy under Capital Mobility"

December 2, 2010

Alfred Guender, University of Canterbury & FU Berlin: "Target vs Instrument Rules as Specifications of Monetary Policy"

December 9, 2010

Jean-Paul Carvalho, University of Oxford: "Veiling"

January 13, 2011

Martin Karlsson, University of Darmstadt: "The Effects of Expanding the Generosity of the Statutory Sickness Insurance System"

January 27, 2011 Extraordinary Session: Albreacht Ritschl, London School of Economics: "Crisis? What Crisis? Lessons from the Banking Crisis of 1931"

January 27, 2011

Eric Mayer, University of Würzburg: "Government expenditures and unemployment: A DSGE perspective"

February 17, 2011

Kirsten Ralf, ESCE: "Spurious Regressions and Near-Multicollinearity, with an Application to Aid, Policies and Growth"


Support for the Research Seminar in Economics by the Deutsche Bundesbank, Hauptverwaltung Berlin is gratefully acknowledged.