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Research Seminar in Economics: Robert Dur "Team incentives, social cohesion, and performance: A natural field experiment"

07.05.2015 | 17:15

Im Rahmen des Research Seminar in Economics wird Robert Dur (Erasmus University Rotterdam) einen Vortrag mit dem Titel


Team incentives, social cohesion, and performance: A natural field experiment


halten. Interessierte sind herzlich eingeladen.



Theory predicts that the effects of team incentives on team performance depends on team members' social relations. In particular, free-riding should be smaller when co-workers care about each other. Conversely, team incentives may lead to more co-worker support or to higher peer pressure and thereby affect the team's social cohesion. We conduct a field experiment in a Dutch retail chain with 122 stores to study the interaction between team incentives, teams' social cohesion, and team performance. In a randomly selected subset of stores we introduce a short-term sales competition. Using  a tried-and-tested survey, we measure the social cohesion of stores' workforce both before and after the intervention, as well as co-worker support and peer pressure. The average treatment effect of the competition on sales is 1.5 percentage point, which does not differ significantly from zero. As predicted by theory, the estimated treatment effect increases in the team's social cohesion as measured before the competition. We find a statistically significant treatment effect on sales for the most cohesive quartile of stores. Furthermore, we find a positive treatment effect on co-worker support and no effect on peer pressure. Teams' social cohesion is not affected.

Zeit & Ort

07.05.2015 | 17:15

Kaminzimmer (Raum 202), Boltzmannstr. 20, Berlin-Dahlem