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Information for International Students

General Information for Exchange Students

The Student Mobility Office provides information regarding the formal prerequisites and conditions for studying in Berlin, information regarding health insurance, residency permits, visa etc.

Distributed Campus

Distributed Campus, the internet portal of Freie Universität Berlin, provides exchange students with a variety of information relating to the exchange period and its organization. Access is provided upon acceptance.

Course Information and Course Registration

  • Overview of all current courses and past semester courses at the FUB can be found within the Course Catalog.
  • On undergraduate level, exchange students can choose from all Bachelor BWL or Bachelor VWL courses on offer.
    The English version of the course descriptions for the undergraduate programs in Business and Economics are available: Business , Economics. Descriptions can now also be found in the course catalog.
  • Course descriptions for the graduate programs in Business (M&M and FACTS) here.
  • Students who would like to take part in courses of other faculties than the School of Business & Economics have to contact the professor responsible for the desired course and ask for permission.
  • Structure of the courses:
    A course is called module and usually consists of two elements. The typical forms of teaching are:
    V (Vorlesung): Lectures
    Ü (Übung): Recitation sessions or tutorials, where the material of the lecture is reviewed and
                     exercises are solved.

     Typically, a module consists of a Vorlesung and a Übung.
     S (Seminar): Seminars. Besides regular attendance, a typical seminar requires the student
                         to write a paper and to present the paper in the classroom. Seminars typically
                         require registration and some preparation during the semester break.

     PG (Project Gruppe): These are small groups of students, jopintly working on a project.
                                     Project groups typically require registration and some preparation.

  • ECTS credits
    Regular modules in Business and Economics have 6 ECTS
    Modules of the category ABV (general professional preparation) have 5 ECTS
    Language courses may have 5 or 10 ECTS
  • After enrolment you can register for your selected courses in Campus Management.
    If you have selected courses that you don't see in Campus Management, two steps are required:
    a) Please approach the professor of the course and ask permission to participate.
    b) If permission is granted, please approach the Study and Examination Office of the School of Business & Economics and register for the course.

Learning Agreements and Certificates of Stay

Learning Agreement

  • Select your courses in coordination with your supervisor at your home university and prepare a Learning Agreement.
    Have your signed by the International office. Please send via email!
  • Course descriptions are in the "Studien- und Prüfungsordnung" of the programs the course belongs to.
    For undergraduate courses you will find the course descriptionscourse descriptions are available here.
    In due time course descriptions in english will show in the course catalog (click on the button for English!) underneath each course title. Please look out for them.

Certificate of Stay

  • Your home university may require you to fill in a document called Certificate of Stay, Certificate of Arrival / Departure. Please send the document via email and state the first date of your lectures/orientation session and as last date the one of your last exam or lecture.

For advice and information:

International Office

Sandra Hallscheidt
Garystr. 21, room 128
14195 Berlin

Office hours: on appointment

Examinations, Grades and ECTS-Credits

  • Examinations take place during the last lecture or in the 2-3 weeks after the end of the teaching period.
    Fall/winter term approx middle to the end of February.
    Summer term approx middle to the end of July.
    Precise examination dates will be announced during the semester.

    Shorter lecture and exam periods apply to the english courses of the M.Sc. program in FACTS and the M.Sc.
    in Management & Marketing that take place during the Fall/winter term.
    Please consider the academic calendar when planning your studies at the School of Business and Economics.

  • ECTS-Credits
    1 LP/1 ECTS is equivalent to 30 working hours (including class contacts, home work, preparation, homework and exam)
    All regular courses at the School of Business & Economics are worth 6 LP/ECTS.
    Courses in the field of General Professional Preparation (ABV) are worth 5 LP/ECTS Credits.
    Language courses may have between 5 and 10 ECTS.
  • The full semester workload are 30 ECTS.
  • FU Berlin Grading Scale

1.0 bis / to 1.5

A Hervorragend / Excellent

über / more than 1.6 bis / to 2.0

B Sehr gut / Very good

über / more than 2.1 bis / to 3.0

C Gut / Good

über / more than 3.1 bis / to 3.5

D Befriedigend / Satisfactory

über / more than 3.6 bis / to 4.0

E Ausreichend / Sufficient

über / more than 4.1 bis / to 5.0

F Nicht bestanden / Fail

Academic Calendar

The FUB has a semester system. The teaching period in the winter term starts around mid-October and ends around mid-February. The teaching period of the summer term is mid-April until mid-July. You find the exact dates on the FUB website.

Examinations for most courses take place in the 2-3 weeks after the end of the teaching period. Please take this into account when planning your studies at the Faculty of Business and Economics of the FUB!

All necessary information concerning courses, dates, registration and events you will be able to find on Distributed Campus, after you have been accepted at School of Business & Economics. Please take into consideration, that payment of an Erasmus grant is connected to the duration of your Erasmus stay.

Academic Calendar & Important Dates

Transcript of Records

Please request your Transcript of Records before you leave Berlin!

If you have taken 3 or more courses at the School of Business & Economics:

please download and fill in the transcript application form:

Application Form (German)

Application Form (English)

Hand in the form personally at the Prüfungsbüro (examination office) of the Department of Business and Economics or send via email to pbwiwiss@fu-berlin.de .

If you have taken less than 3 courses at the School of Business & Economics, please request your Transcript via our online request here: https://userpage.fu-berlin.de/baranov/aris_register.php

In case of questions, please consult: incoming@fu-berlin.de.

Campus App

The campus app ("My Cassis") helps you to find your way around campus, organise your studies, and import courses and events.

International Club

You are new in this city and want to get in contact with other students from all around the world. The International Club helps to get in touch with each other and enjoy cultural life together etc.