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Upper Echelons: Verhaltensorientierte Aspekte der Unternehmensführung

(WiSe 20/21)

This research seminar will address a number of different behavioral issues that concern firms’ upper echelons. Throughout the course, we will study the socio-psychological mechanisms top managers and board members that influence behavior relevant to the leadership of firms. Topics will include legitimacy and institutional logics, social learning, reciprocity and social exchange, status and power, as well as other heuristics and biases.

The seminar is restricted to 25 participants and requires a prior application.
In order to apply for the seminar, please send a grade overview as well as your CV to ruben.anders@fu-berlin.de by Thursday, October 1 2020 at 12 noon at the latest. We will notify all selected participants on Monday, Oct 5 2020 per Email.

The seminar will begin as online-teaching. Depending on the conditions, the final seminar days with student presentations may take place in the rooms of FU Berlin. In addition to a weekly lecture class (Wednesdays 9-10 am), the seminar will take place on the full days (9 am to 6 pm) of Nov 19, Dec 10, Feb 4 and Feb 5. On these days, your attendance is mandatory.

The examination for this seminar will consist of a seminar paper of approx. 15 pages together with a presentation and discussion.

Language of the seminar will be English. The seminar papers can be written in either English or German.