About the Project

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Core Aims

  • Compare and evaluate the supply chain governance structures and practices of lead garment firms based in different developed countries (Australia, Germany, Sweden, UK).

  • Analyse the labour and environmental policies and practices of factories in Bangladesh supplying these lead firms.

  • Explore Bangladeshi garment worker attitudes and behaviour regarding changing factory labour and environmental standards.

  • Understand the impact of new initiatives (such as the ‘Accord’) on labour and environmental standards in factories supplying garments to the lead firms in the above-mentioned developed countries.

  • Examine the role of the Rana Plaza building collapse as a focusing event that mobilizes support for changes in factory standards intended to have long term and wider implications for the garment industry.

  • Contribute to policy-making in developed and developing countries by providing strong evidence-based recommendations for improving labour and environmental standards in global production networks.

Partner Institutions