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Prof. Gernot Müller

Foto Müller

Universität Tübingen

Guest Professor during summer term 2024

Gernot Müller is Professor of Economics at the University of Tübingen. After completing his doctorate at the European University Institute in Florence (2005), he was a post-doctoral researcher at Goethe University in Frankfurt and then Professor of Economics in Bonn (2008-2015). He has also been a visiting researcher at the New York Fed and Columbia University, and a consultant to the ECB. His research combines empirical and theoretical approaches and revolves around questions of international macroeconomics, in particular monetary and fiscal policy. In addition to fundamental issues, he also addresses the economic consequences of current developments, such as Brexit, the corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine. He is Associate Editor of the Journal of International Economics, Research Associate of the CEPR and a passionate marathon runner.

In the summer term 2024, Gernot Müller will teach the Master course "Open Economy Macroeconomics". The syllabus and schedule can be found here.