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Ökonomie des Wohlfahrtsstaates (Economics of the Welfare State)

Zeit und Ort

Lecture Tuesday, 10-12 am, lecture hall 106
  Lecturer: Prof. Schröder
Exercise Thursday, 2-4 pm, lecture hall 104
  Lecturer: Holger Lüthen

Consultation hours

Prof. Schröder by appointment

Holger Lüthen by appointment


The course documents will be made available in FU’s blackboard system

18.10.2016 Historical overview

Lit.: Barr, N. (2004), Economics of the Welfare State (4th ed.), Oxford: OUP, Ch. 2.

25.10.2016 Theory of market failure

Lit.: Corneo, G. (2012), Öffentliche Finanzen: Ausgabenpolitik (4. Auflage), Tübingen: Mohr-Siebeck, S. 19-22 und 60-61.


Teil 1: Insurance

1.11.2016 The welfare state as insurance cover

Lit.: Corneo, G. (2012), Kap.V.

8.11.2016Follow-up of previous lecture

15.11.2016 Market failure for insurance

Lit.: Corneo, G. (2012), Kap.VI.

22.11.2016Follow-up of previous lecture

29.11.2016Public insurance of labour income

Lit.: Corneo, G. (2012), Kap.VII.

6.12.2016Follow-up of previous lecture


Teil 2: Redistribution

13.12.2016The distribution of income and wealth

Lit.: Cowell, F (2011), Measuring Inequality, Third Edition, Oxford University Press, Bönke, T., Corneo, C. and H. Lüthen (2012), Lifetime Earnings Inequality in Germany, CEPR Discussion Paper no. 8929. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.

3.1.2016 Theorem of Jakobsson and progressive income taxation

Lit.: Jakobsson, U. (1974), On the Measurement of the Degree of Progression, Journal of Public Economics 5, 161-168., Lambert, P. (2001), The Distribution and Redistribution of Income, Third Edition, Manchester University Press., Corneo, G. (2005), The Rise and Likely Fall of the German Income Tax, 1958-2005, CESifo Economic Studies 51, 159-186. Bach, S., Corneo, G. und V. Steiner (2013), Effective Taxation of Top Incomes in Germany, German Economic Review 14, 115-137.

10.1.2017 Equality versus Efficiency

Lit.: Corneo, G. (2012), Kap.VIII.

17.1.2017Follow-up of previous lecture

24.1.2017Public provision of private goods

Lit.: Corneo, G. (2012), Kap.IX.

31.1.2017Follow-up of previous lecture

7.2.2017 The fight against poverty

Lit.: Corneo, G. (2012), Kap.X.

14.2.2017Follow-up of previous lecture

Research Seminar in Economics