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Seminar 2013/2014

Seminar in Macroeconomics

The seminar will introduce participants to a wide range of important and topical issues in macroeconomics. Students are expected to deliver a seminar paper (in English), discuss a paper of a fellow student and participate in the general discussion (in English or, if needed, in German).


• Preliminary meeting at 18th of October 2012 (10h-12h): General introduction; discussion of proceedings; introduction to topics.

Students have to make a decision about mandatory registration (verbindliche Anmeldung) and reveal preferred topics by handing in a list of four topics of interest. You can also send an email with your ranked preferences until October 25th. You will be informed of your topic for the seminar paper as soon as possible.

Selection of Students:

Skills in macroeconomics (for instance, classes visited) will be taken into account. A maximum of 15 students will participate.

Allocation of topics:

The allocation of topics will be based on students’ preferences. Students will be informed about their topic by email as soon as possible.


Seminar papers are to be submitted in English. Presentations and discussions should also be in English. Of course, students may switch to German during discussions whenever helpful.


• Each participant will write a seminar paper (click here to view the specific requirements for seminar papers [text in German]) which (s)he will also present to the group.

  • Each student should prepare a briefing (click here to view the specific requirements for briefings [text in German]).

• Each student should be ready to discuss any other seminar paper. A discussion of a seminar paper is supposed to initiate a general discussion among all participants. Prepare two or three slides on which you review the respective paper very briefly (one or two sentences). Then, highlight important aspects of the paper (this may be crucial assumptions, interesting results, strange results, issues not addressed in the paper but relevant to the topic, questions that came to your mind when reading the paper, etc.) We randomly select a discussant after each presentation. All papers will be available online after the deadline for preparation of the discussions.

• Students are expected to participate actively in the general discussion.

Modes of submission:

Submit one copy of your paper and  a PDF file by email to your supervisor.


Final grades will reflect the quality of the seminar paper and the participant’s presentation, the discussion of other papers, and their contribution to the general discussion.