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Published Papers

Do Heterogeneous Expectations Constitute a Challenge for Policy Interaction?
Macroeconomic Dynamics, forthcoming.

Heterogeneous Expectations, Optimal Monetary Policy and the Merit of Policy Inertia
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 46(7), 2014, pp. 1535-1554.

Fiscal Foresight, Limited Information and the Effects of Government Spending Shocks
with Matteo Fragetta
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 76(5), 2014, pp. 667-692.

Anticipation, Learning and Welfare: the Case of Distortionary Taxation
with Shoujian Zhang
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 39(C), 2014, pp. 113-126.

Working Papers

Optimal Constrained Interest-Rate Rules under Heterogeneous Expectations