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Main research areas:

Empirical Public Finance, Distributional Analyses

Selected Publications/ Research Projects

  • Aronsson, T., K. Jenderny, and G. Lanot, “The Quality of the Estimators of the ETI", Umeå Economic Studies 955, 2017.
  • Aronsson, T., K. Jenderny, and G. Lanot, “Alternative Parametric Bunching Estimators of the ETI with Perfect or Imperfect Bunching, with and without Notches", Umeå Economic Studies 956, 2018.
  • Jenderny, K., “Mobility of Top Incomes in Germany”. Review of Income and Wealth, 62: 245–265, 2016.
  • Bartels, C. and K. Jenderny, “The Role of Capital Income for Top Incomes Shares in Germany”. The World Top Incomes Database, WP 2015/1, 2015.