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Certificate in International Economics, Area Studies and Comparative Development

The John-F.-Kennedy-Institute for North American Studies, the Institute for Latin American Studies, and the Institute for East European Studies in cooperation with the School of Business & Economics jointly offer M.Sc. Economics and Public Economics students the opportunity to obtain a certificate in International Economics and Area Studies. This concentration considers the historical, institutional political, and geographic dimensions within the field of economics - especially as they relate to the regions of North America, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. Particular emphasis is given to the topics of economic growth and development, domestic and foreign economic policy, and labor markets and migration.

To obtain the Certificate in International Economics and Area Studies, students must succesfully participate in at least three modules within this concentration or, alternatively, sucessfully participate in two modules and write their Master’s thesis with one faculty member from the International Economics and Area Studies group. An overview of the courses offered in the following three semesters can be found under ’Teaching’.