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To register for a pre-conference workshop or a hackathon please send a short e-mail to or2017@fu-berlin.de 

Solving with Satalia - Our SolveEngine and the Business of Academia

SolveEngine Hackathon (13.00 – 15.00)

The SolveEngine is a cloud-based platform for accessing solvers from the SAT, CP and Mathematical Programming communities and utilises a machine learning layer that will automatically select the best algorithm to solve your problem. For this workshop, we will be showing what the SolveEngine can do and all the ways you can use this solving genie to approach the hardest problems.

Are you interested in learning how to use the SolveEngine to solve problems? In this hackathon you will gain experience connecting your code to the SolveEngine via API.

Break (15.00 – 15.30)

The Business of Academia: Bridging the academia-industry gap (15.30 – 17.00)

We will discuss the challenges associated with bringing academic research to market and why academic breakthroughs have a hard time finding acceptance in industry. Based on our research and experience, we will describe how different organisations are attempting to change this for good. We will provide a detailed recommendation for how academic inventions can be translated into industry innovations, and how this can create commercial value for academia and industry alike. Finally, we will take a deep-dive into your own frustrations of working with industry, and seek to discuss actionable solutions that may help to resolve them.

Register here: https://www.satalia.com/conferences/or2017

When/Where: September 05, 13.00 – 17.00, HFB|B

Hands-On: OPTANO Modeling

OPTANO Modeling is a free and feature-rich .NET Modeling API. It supports multiple solvers, gives users high level modeling constructs, allows for live debugging of models and much, much more. Modeling is easy to use, supports code tests and has been downloaded more than 25000 times. In this hands-on demonstration, we will provide an introduction to c# / .net and the OPTANO Modeling API. We'll use some examples to explain its key concepts and illustrate its rich features.

After a quick overview over the features and the ecosystem OPTANO Modeling lives in, we will provide an introduction to C# / .NET and the OPTANO Modeling API. We'll use examples to explain its key concepts and illustrate its main features.

This workshop is designed to get you up to speed with cutting edge modeling tools that enforce the creation of syntactically and semantically correct models within no time.

Join the workshop and find out what it feels like when you finally have the right tool to ease your modeling pain.

There will be time for questions both during and at the end of this workshop for beginners and experts. The workshop will be held by two advanced developers of OPTANO Modeling.

Speakers: Dr. Jens Peter Kempkes and Lars Beckmann

When/Where: September 05, 15.00 / HFB|D


Are you looking for a mathematical optimization challenge? Do you think mobility can be organized in much smarter ways? Then this hackathon is for you!

Can you innovate in one day? Do you have the programming skills to make your ideas work? Can you work with real data?  Are you interested in getting in touch with leading optimization and mobility companies? Then register for the Gurobi-TomTom Mobility Maximization Mission hackathon (GMT3). All you need is a laptop. Real world traffic data, the Gurobi optimization suite, TomTom tool APIs, cloud computing capacity, and help from an expert supervision team will be available (participants must sign a confidentiality NDA).

The winners will be selected and awarded a prize in the GTM3 session WE-12 (Wednesday 16:30-18:00 WGS|BIB). See the GTM3 forum http://www.or2017-hackathon.de/ for more information and instructions how to proceed.

Supervision: Alexander Kröller (TomTom), Sebastian Schenker (ZIB), Stephan Schwartz (ZIB), Kostja Siefen (Gurobi) et al.

When/Where: September 05, 12.00 – open end / HFB|Senat

GAMS Pre-Conference Workshops

Part I: An Introduction (13.00 – 14.00)

We start with the basics of GAMS to develop algebraic models, solve them using state-of-the art algorithms, and introduce the key concepts of GAMS and the fundamentals of the language (e.g. sets, data, variables, equations). We’ll explore some case studies drawn directly from GAMS users in different fields.The largest part of the workshop will consist of an demonstration, where we are going to build a simple optimization based decision support application from scratch. We show how GAMS supports an easy growth path to larger and more sophisticated models, promotes speed and reliability during in the development phase of  optimization models, and provides access to all of the most powerful large-scale solver packages. Along the way we will look at some of the data management tools included in the GAMS system and show how to analyze and debug large problems using the various tools available within GAMS.

This workshop requires no or limited knowledge about GAMS.

Break (14.00 – 14.30)

Part II: Advanced Hands-On Workshop (14.30 – 16.30)

This hands-on workshop, which is catered to the requirements of advanced GAMS users and application builders provides a great opportunity to learn about selected topics and best practices like:

  • Use of the GAMS Object-Oriented API's to integrate GAMS models into different environments, like C#, Python, and Java.
  • Code embedding in GAMS
  • Stochastic programming in GAMS
  • Asynchronous and parallel GAMS models

These sessions are hands-on workshops, so please bring your laptop.

To attend this course, please register at https://www.gams.com/conferences/or2017.

When/Where: September 05, 13.00 / HFB|C


IBM Decision Optimization (Prescriptive Analytics) helps organizations

  • improve operations - eliminate inefficiencies and capture more value
  • manage resources more effectively - better utilize: capital, personnel, equipment, vehicles, facilities
  • mitigate risk - gain insight into how decisions can have business-wide impacts and hedge against data uncertainty
  • increase agility - dynamically generate plans and schedules to adapt to market conditions
  • improve customer satisfaction - achieve customer expectations for customization and speed.

Learn about IBM Decision Optimization and explore successes achieved by international companies

Part I: The IBM Decision Optimization Suite (13.00 – 15.00)

IBM Decision Optimization Solutions combine form a powerful foundation for decision management:

  • IBM CPLEX Optimization Studio - model business problems and solve with IBM CPLEX Optimizers (CPLEX and CP Optimizer)
  • IBM Decision Optimization Center - build, deploy & use optimization-based decision-making applications for the enterprise
  • IBM Decision Optimization Cloud - leverage advanced analytics and decision making optimization software on cloud
  • IBM Data Science Experience - collaborate on projects, combine machine learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics using the DSX Cloud or On-premises platform  

The workshop will walk you through the IBM Decision Optimization Suite and present the latest developments. Enjoy live examples and discuss opportunities with IBM top experts. 

Break (15.00 – 15.30)

Part II: Business Cases (15.30 – 17.30)

Learn about success stories in Manufacturing, Financial services, Healthcare, and other highly data-intensive industries. During this session we'll discuss the implementation parts of the projects, difficulties encountered and outcomes achieved. The goal is to share experiences and highlight the value Decision Optimization brings cross industry.

When/Where: September 05, 13.00 / HFB|A