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Conference Venues

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Henry Ford Building

OR2017 will be held at the Henry Ford Building in Dahlem. The Henry Ford Building was built between 1952 and 1954 according to the plans of the Berlin architects, Franz Heinrich Sobotka and Gustav Müller. It is located at the corner of Gary and Boltzmann Streets, near the subway stop Thielplatz in the southwestern part of Berlin.

Photo by Bernd Wannenmacher

Photo by Reinhard Görner

The western wing of the Henry Ford Building contains the University Library including reading rooms, offices, and a book stacks tower. The eastern wing holds lecture halls and conference rooms. The building is protected as an historic monument and from 2005 to 2007 was completely renovated. Since then, the building complex has continued to be used for its lecture halls and, increasingly, as a conference center.

The Henry Ford Building was named after Henry Ford II, who arranged the donation of 8.1 million West German marks by the U.S.-American Ford Foundation for the construction of this building complex.

Garystr. 21, Department of Economics

Photo by Bernd Wannenmacher

The Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences was dedicated in 1958. It was built by the Berlin architects Hans Gaber and Otto Risse.

Van't-Hoff Str. 8, Department of Law

Photo by Bernd Wannenmacher

The Department of Law is one of the first new buildings on the university campus. It was built in 1959 by the Berlin architects Hans Geber and Otto Risse.