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IBS Young Talents Program 2017

News vom 25.12.2016

IBS Software Services is a leading provider of new‐generation IT solutions to the global Travel, Transportation and Logistics (TTL) industry. Some of the world's best airlines, busiest airports, biggest oil and gas companies, best known cruise lines, travel distributors, leisure resorts and hotels depend on IBS solutions to manage their mission‐critical operations. In IBS, the industry has a transformation partner who fully understands businesses, its dynamics and evolving requirements. We have an excellent clientele that includes leading airlines and other travel suppliers around the world, including many major European airlines.

IBS Software Services is currently recruiting for a number of Project roles in Germany and other European countries. These roles offer candidates a unique opportunity to enter the Airline and Aviation IT world where the emphasis is on problem solving using a combination of analytics, imagination and business understanding. Analyst explore business processes and requirements, understand the provided user information, trends and correlations that enable businesses to improve their platforms, services and revenue.

This IBS German Graduate Program is a fast track Business Engineering/Analyst option for highly technical graduates with an interest in cutting‐edge technology and the Airline and Aviation markets sector. Those chosen for this Program will help us implement our IBS Platforms and be based locally, or go work as a Business/Software Engineer/Analyst at our client sites around the world.

Analysis is often required in all business areas of an airline and the analyst will need an understanding of various airline business processes. The analyst must be able to communicate effectively with other members of a small team and the end user of the airline. The business engineer/ analyst may in fact be responsible for all main analysis aspects of the project such as Requirement analysis, Customer support, Documentation support, Testing (i.e. Test case, Test scenario, Test execution), Translation/interpretation and documentation (if such requirements come up with non‐English speaking customers), Technical activities (design/programming) for employees identified for technical role, Any other project support activities.  

Further assignments shall be decided based on the candidates’ preferences, aptitude and corporate resource requirements.

The ideal graduate applicant will have:

  • Bachelor (B. Sc.) or Master (M.Sc.) degree and wants to start a career with an IT company.
  • An inquisitive mindset, an aptitude for problem solving and technical skills to combine them
  • A degree in Business Administration, Information Systems, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics or Engineering or a similarly quantitative discipline
  • Excellent communication skills in English/German to present findings and articulate their business benefits. Skills in Spanish/French/Italian/Turkish or any other European Language will be an advantage
  • Experience with software development, project work, project planning is very helpful
  • Affinity to the world of Airline Business, Airports and Transportation

Job Location:

First 3‐6 months of employment ‐ Trivandrum, India – For the Induction Training. There are 4 focus areas
in New Graduate Training Program: (1) Business Training, (2) Technical Training, (3) Business Domain, (4) IBS
Products and (5) Knowing IBS employees world‐wide. In terms of Business Training, trainees learn
responsibilities and skillsets that are required for Business Analysts. Technical training focuses on IT industry,
concepts and languages. Fresher acquires knowledge in aviation, travel and Business Process through
Business Domain Training. IBS Product training highlights relevant products and services of IBS
Post Training – In Germany, or other European cities based on customer requirements.

How to Apply:

Send your CV and a covering letter (explaining your profile and reason for interest in joining IBS in brief) to

Name: Parvathy Vikram Menon, Executive – Human Resources
Email: Parvathy.Vikram@ibsplc.com

Visit www.or2017.de ...