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21st International Symposium on Mathematical Programming

19.08.2012 - 24.08.2012

ISMP is a scientific meeting held every 3 years on behalf of the Mathematical Optimization Society.

(Source: http://www.ismp2012.org/)

The conference topics address all theoretical, computational and practical aspects of mathematical optimization including:

  • integer, linear, nonlinear, semidefinite, conic and constrained programming
  • discrete and combinatorial optimization
  • graphs, network optimization, matroids, game theory
  • nonsmooth, convex, robust, stochastic, PDE-constrained and global optimization
  • variational analysis, complementarity and variational inequalities
  • sparse, derivative-free and simulation-based optimization
  • implementations and software
  • operations research
  • logistics, traffic and transportation, telecommunications, energy systems, finance and economics

Zeit & Ort

19.08.2012 - 24.08.2012

Berlin, Germany

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