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Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)

Dozent/inProf. Dr. Christian Meske
Veranstaltungsumfang4 Semesterwochenstunden; Workload: 180h / Semester

Die Anmeldung erfolgt über Campus Management. Das Modul hat eine begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl von 15 Personen und findet virtuell mit Blockterminen auf Englisch statt.

Description: The seminar deals with the current topic of Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) in information systems research. To this end, several relevant topics are proposed to answer specific questions in XAI research, for which students are expected to work in groups to conduct research based on the design science research (DSR) paradigm. The goal of the research will be to design artefacts to answer the proposed research questions and the design process should be conducted in accordance with the DSR activities. 

Main structure: Fixed dates: 21.10, 25.11, 13.1, 17.2. 08:00-12:00.


  • A general introduction to the topic of XAI and the procedures of DSR will be presented during the first meeting (21.10)
  • Introduction to the proposed topics that students should work on and example problem-solving approaches to these topics will also be presented during the first meeting


  • Three 15-minute presentations covering one DSR activity each (25.11, 13.1, 17.2)
  • Each group should submit a research-in-progress paper as the final deliverable


Language of instruction: English


How to register: Register through Campus Management 


Maximum no. of participants: 15