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Participation of the public in research projects with different time-horizons



Project acronym: Participation

Funding body: BMBF
Duration: 01.03.2019 - 29.02.2024
Team: Prof. Dr. Carsten Dreher, Madita Amoneit, Simon Schmidt, Leon Gellrich
Partners: IGZ, ATB, ZMT, PYCO, pmp, InnoMat, Osram, Terra Urbana, ADM Wild, HUB-IRI THESys, HUB

Project website: https://food4future.de/de/home


Project description:

The aim of the participation project is to investigate public participation in short-, medium- and long-term research/innovation processes through the use of participatory techniques and methods within the F4F project. Public participation, which has become mandatory in many research and innovation projects, is considered to have a number of positive effects. These include that participation can promote responsible research and increase social acceptance of research results. Within the f4f research project, we are investigating the benefits and effectiveness of various participatory techniques and methods of public participation. To measure the impact of participatory methods and techniques on responsible research, items to assess responsible research activities have been developed by the researchers of the project.


Further information: