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Under review

Weckowska, D., Barnickel, Ch., Dreher, C., Feindt, P. Directionality in Innovation Systems, Social Inclusion, and Social Cohesion: Towards a Framework for Inclusive Food Systems Transitions. (under review in Research Policy)

Weckowska, D., Weiss, D., Schwäbe, C., Dreher, C. Technological innovation system analyses and sustainability transitions: Literature review. (under review in Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions) 

Weckowska, D., Weiss, D., Fiala, V., Nemeczek F., Voss, F., Dreher, C. Creating legitimacy for cultured meat in Germany: the role of social cohesion. (under review in Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions)

Mangelkramer, D., Cuhls, K., Weckowska, D. Responsibility-oriented Foresight to facilitate sustainability transition with research and innovation: An empirical study in the German agri-food sector. (under review in Technological Forecasting & Social Change)

Peer-reviewed publications

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