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Title Fachzeitschrift Autoren
Unemployment and Business Cycles Econometrica Trabandt, Matthias & Christiano, Lawrence J. & Eichenbaum, Martin S.

Subjective Evaluation versus Public Information

Economic Theory

Bester Helmut & Münster, Johannes

On the long-run neutrality of demand shocks

Economics Letters

Chen, Wenjuan & Netšunajev, Alekse

Sovereign Risk, Interbank Freezes, and Aggregate Fluctuations

European Economic Review

Engler, Philipp & Große Steffen, Christoph

The Macroeconomic Risks of Undesirably Low Inflation

European Economic Review

Trabandt, Matthias & Arias, Jonas & Erceg, Christopher

ECB monetary policy surprises: identification through cojumps in interest rates

Journal of Applied Econometrics

Winkelmann, Lars & Bibinger, Markus & Linzert, Tobias

Estimating the density of ethnic minorities and aged people in Berlin: Multivariate kernel density estimation applied to sensitive geo-referenced administrative data protected via measurement error

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A

Rendtel, Ulrich & Schmid, Timo & Schmon, Sebastian & Tzavidis, Nikos & Groß, Marcus

Longitudinal analysis of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire scores of the Millennium Cohort Study children in England using M-quantile random-effects regression

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A

Schmid, Timo & Flouri, Eirini & Midouhas, Emily & Salvati, Nicola & Tzavidis, Nikos

First-Order and Second-Order Ambiguity Aversion

Management Science

Lang, Matthias

The Optimal Allocation of Decision and Exit Rights in Organizations

RAND Journal of Economics

Bester, Helmut & Krähmer, Daniel

Outlier robust small area estimation under spatial correlation

Scandinavian Journal of Statistics

Schmid, Timo & Chambers, Ray & Münnich, Ralf & Tzavidis, Nikos

Remittances and the Use of Formal and Informal Financial Services

World Development

Ambrosius, Christian  & Cuecuecha, Alfredo


Title Fachzeitschrift Autoren

Are US inflation expectations re-anchored?

Economics Letters

Nautz, Dieter Strohsal, Till

Do parties matter? Estimating the effect of political representation in multi-party systems

European Economic Review

 Freier, Ronny & Odendahl, Christian

Time-Varying International Stock Market Interaction and the Identification of Volatility Signals

Journal of Banking & Finance

Strohsal, Till & Weber, Enzo

Econometrics of cojumps in high-frequency data with noise

Journal of Econometrics

Bibinger, Markus & Winkelmann, Lars

Assessing the Anchoring of Inflation Expectations

Journal of International Money and Finance

Strohsal, Till & Winkelmann, Lars

Lifetime Earnings Inequality in Germany

Journal of Labor Economics

Timm Boenke & Giacomo Corneo & Holger Luethen






Changing Identity: Retiring From Unemployment

Economic Journal Clemens Hetschko & Andreas Knabe & Ronnie Schöb

Stale forward guidance

Economics Letters Detmers, Gunda-Alexandra & Nautz, Dieter

Disentangling Demand And Supply Shocks In The Crude Oil Market: How To Check Sign Restrictions In Structural Vars

Journal of Applied Econometrics  Helmut Lütkepohl & Aleksei Netsunajev 

Longevity, life-cycle behavior and pension reform

Journal of Econometrics  Haan, Peter & Prowse, Victoria 
Structural vector autoregressions with Markov switching: Combining conventional with statistical identification of shocks Journal of Econometrics Herwartz, Helmut & Lütkepohl, Helmut




Fachzeitschrift Autoren 

Are there bubbles in the Sterling-dollar exchange rate? New evidence from sequential ADF tests

Economics Letters  Bettendorf, Timo & Chen, Wenjuan

Missing wages: How to test for biased estimates in wage functions?

Economics Letters  Fertig, Michael & Görlitz, Katja

Causes and consequences of short-term institutional herding

Journal of Banking & Finance Kremer, Stephanie & Nautz, Dieter

Work norms, social insurance and the allocation of talent

Journal of Public Economics Corneo, Giacomo

Are Remittances a Substitute for Credit? Carrying the Financial Burden of Health Shocks in National and Transnational Households

World Development Ambrosius, Christian  & Cuecuecha, Alfredo




Fachzeitschrift Autoren
Credit Booms Gone Bust: Monetary Policy, Leverage Cycles, and Financial Crises American Economic Review Schularick, Moritz & Taylor, Alan 
Inflation, price dispersion and market integration through the lens of a monetary search model European Economic Review  Becker, Sascha S. & Nautz, Dieter 
Optimal top marginal tax rates under income splitting for couples European Economic Review  Bach, Stefan & Corneo, Giacomo & Steiner, Viktor
Exit options in incomplete contracts with asymmetric information Journal of Economic Theory Bester, Helmut & Krähmer, Daniel
Pollution Exposure and Child Health: Evidence for infants and toddlers in Germany Journal of Health Economics Coneus, Katja & Spiess, C. Katharina
Central Bank Communication and the Perception of Monetary Policy by Financial Market Experts Journal of Money, Credit and Banking Sandra Schmidt & Dieter Nautz