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Library profile

The Library of Economics of the School of Business & Economics at the Free University Berlin is, with approximately 600,000 volumes, the largest economics library of Berlin and Potsdam. The library offers the second largest collection of the fields economics and business administration in the whole of Germany.

It has a well-structured, balanced and up-to-date inventory of German and English literature including journals and electronic materials.

Since its founding in 1948 - initially designed as separate business and economics libraries - it has integrated the stocks of 25 smaller economics special libraries, most recently the extensive collection of the Library of Economic and Social History in 2000.

As well as the business and economics core collection, the library has a high percentage of special literature due to the diversity of research subjects of the School of Business & Economics. Furthermore, the library houses an extensive economics textbook collection.

The scope, structure and good usability of the collection is due to the strong use by Free University students and staff as well as by external users from Berlin and its surrounding areas.