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Dr. Julia Wagner


Office hours

dienstags, 14.30 bis 16.00 Uhr nach Voranmeldung

Ms Wagner's work at the FU Berlin was sponsored by the tax consultancy Dr Jürgen Wagner.






born in Berlin

2006 A-Levels
2006 – 2009 Studies in Business Administration, Economics at the University of Potsdam (B.Sc.)
2009 – 2012 Studies at the Free University of Berlin: Finance, Accounting, Taxation & Supplements (M.Sc.)
2006 – 2012 Student assistant in the tax consultancy office of Dr Jürgen Wagner
seit Dezember 2012 Employee in the tax consultancy office of Dr. Jürgen Wagner
2013-2019 Doctoral candidate at the Institute of Auditing and Taxation of Prof. Dr. Jochen Hundsdoerfer, Freie Universität Berlin
2019 Doctorate at the Department of Economics, FU Berlin