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Guest lecture: From taxi floating car data to microscopic simulation of electric taxis

Dr. Michal Maciejewski, Poznan University of Technology/TU Berlin.

Tuesday, 15.12.2015, 16:00 – 17:00 (s.t.), Garystr. 21, Raum K005.

 Introduction of electric taxis is one possible way of making urban transport more sustainable. However, there are lots of questions regarding launching and running an electric taxi fleet which are hard to answer. As taxi FCD analysis provides a detailed insight into taxi operation, it is invaluable in answering these questions.

 This talk will show how FCD data collected with taxis in Berlin, Poznan and Barcelona were used at different stages of the decision process, including:

• obtaining spatiotemporal taxi demand and supply patterns

• building energy consumption models for electric vehicles

• finding optimal location of charging stations

• microscopically simulating taxis at the level of cities/regions.

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