Springe direkt zu Inhalt

in case of a fire

Emergency call: 112

Correct behaviour in the event of a fire



Please familiarize yourself with the escape and rescue plans in the buildings and the locations of the fire extinguishers.

The green signs are located in the buildings on the individual floors and show you the escape route out of the building.

The assembly point, which is to be visited in the event of an alarm or fire, is also noted here.
The assembly point at the Garystr. 21 building is located on the campus lawn between the School of Business & Economics and the School of Law. Students are to be directed from the lecture halls to the campus lawn in the event of an alarm or fire.

Buildings may only be re-entered after they have been cleared.
Fire Safety Helpers will be recognizable by special vests.

Fire Safety Officer, Fire Safety Helpers

Fire Safety Officer   Manuela Kasper 52294 manuela.kasper@fu-berlin.de
Fire Safety Helpers
Garystr. 21
Markus Goedeke 55499 markus.goedeke@fu-berlin.de
Andrea Hannig 52148 andrea.hannig@fu-berlin.de
Eberhard Rothe 52669 eberhard.rothe@fu-berlin.de
Linda Hofsäss 67716 linda.hofsaess@fu-berlin.de 
Patrick Erley 52349 patrick.erley@fu-berlin.de
Fire Safety Helpers
Boltzmannstr. 20
Markus Goedeke 55499 markus.goedeke@fu-berlin.de
Boris Brekhov 63076 b.brekhov@fu-berlin.de
Elias Wolf 66788 eliaswolf@zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fire Safety Helpers
Thielallee 73
Daniel Eckert 51887 daniel.eckert@fu-berlin.de
Carla Pöschel 65221 carla.poeschel@fu-berlin.de 
Markus Goedeke 55499 markus.goedeke@fu-berlin.de 
Fire Safety Helpers
Arnimallee 11
Markus Goedeke 55499 markus.goedeke@fu-berlin.de   
Gerke Schlickmann 52135 marketing@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de
Markus Lars Quaiser 65555 lars.quaiser@fu-berlin.de