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General Occupational Health & Safety

Safety Officer

To draw attention to dangerous situations that generally affect the workplace or the building, there is the function of the safety officer.

Contact your colleague if a circumstance seems dangerous to you.

Safety officers at the department:

Safety officer
Garystr. 21
Eberhard Rothe 52669 eberhard.rothe@fu-berlin.de
Richard Stiefel 52848 richard.stiefel@fu-berlin.de
Saftey officer
Boltzmannstr. 20
Tom Günther 60019 t.guenther@fu-berlin.de
Dominik Hügle 61517 dominik.huegle@fu-berlin.de
Safety officer
Thielallee 73
Marina Kranz 63743 marina.kranz@fu-berlin.de
Safety officer
Arnimallee 11
Petra Theuer 52494 petra.theuer@fu-berlin.de