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Summer Semester 17

Selected Topics in Macroeconomics: Topics in International Macroeconomics

In the current summer term 2017, guest professor Martin Eichenbaum from the Northwestern University will hold the course "Ausgewählte Themen der Makroökonomie - Topics in International Macroeconomics" as part of the Deutsche Bundesbank Foundation program.


  • Exchange rates and Price Stickiness
  • Empirical Determinants of Exchange Rates
  • Rigidities and Crisis

Information covering the dates and locations of the course will be posted soon.

The course is eligible for the Masters students of Public Economics and Economics and will be credited as "Ausgewählte Themen der Makroökonomie - Topics in International Macroeconomics". (LV: 104088/104089). In addition, the course can be credited for an alternative module. For clarifying, please contact ls-trabandt@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de.

The syllabus of this course can be found here and for the schedule please klick here.

Handouts and further material will be posted soo on Blackboard. For finding the course on Blackboard click on "Courses", insert "WIWISS_V_104088_17S" into "Course Search" and click on "Go". Subsequently, select "ID" in the Search Catalog and click on "Go" again. 

The exam will take place on Monday, 22 May

As part of the course, but open to everyone, there will be a public lecture on the 25th of April 2017, 10:15am to 11:45am in HS 101, Garystraße 21 by Prof. Eichenbaum called `The Global Economy: Future Prospects and Challenges´.

In addition, the talk of Prof. Eichenbaum in the Research Seminar is also part of the course and compulsory for the students. In the Research Seminar, Prof. Eichenbaum presents his recent paper "Monetary Policy and the Predictability of Nominal Exchange Rates".