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(107003 V and 107004 Ü)

TypeLecture and Problem Class
InstructorFrank M. Fossen
RoomGarystr. 21 Lecture Hall 104a

Lecture and Problem Class for Master students and doctoral students:

  • Wednesday 10:15-11:45, all semester,
  • Thursday 10:15-11:45, first half of the semester;

Additional course hours for doctoral students:

  • Thursday 10:15-11:45, second half of the semester.


Student Profile

Master Public Economics, Master Economics, Master FACTS, doctoral students in the graduate program "Tax and Social Policy" and in BDPEMS


  • Salanié, Bernard (2011): "The Economics of Taxation", 2nd edition, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
  • Hindriks, Jean and Gareth D. Myles (2006): "Intermediate Public Economics", Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, part VI.

  • Keuschnigg, Christian (2005): "Öffentliche Finanzen: Einnahmepolitik", Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck.

Further literature references will be provided during class.