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Pfadkolleg Research Center

Member of the Dahlem Research School




Why do organizations become inert, and how do organizational path dependencies emerge? How can technological paths be broken? How can a new path be created - in the field of alternative energies, for instance?

These are some of the many research questions that the students of Pfadkolleg aim to answer in their dissertations. The 15 doctoral students and one post-doc come from different disciplinary backgrounds: business studies, economics, political science, psychology, sociology, law, and engineering.

With this interdisciplinary orientation, also on the part of the professors teaching in the program, the Pfadkolleg is on its way to becoming the international leading center for path research. Renowned path researchers from all over the world add their expertise to the study program, which emphasizes theories as well as methods. Regular seminars and participation at international conferences, as well as exchanges with other doctoral programs help to integrate our students into the research community.

The second cohort in the doctoral program "Research on Organizational Paths" started on April 1, 2008; the third cohort on April 1, 2011.


Responsible Researchers:

• Prof. Dr. Georg Schreyögg (Spokesperson)
• Prof. Dr. Jörg Sydow (Deputy Spokesperson)
• Prof. Dr. Martin Gersch
• Prof. Dr. Michael Kleinaltenkamp
• Prof. Dr. Susanne Lütz
• Prof. Dr. Thomas Mellewigt
• Prof. Dr. Albrecht Söllner

Young Researchers

• Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jana Costas
• Jun.-Prof. Dr. Henning Kreis

Associated Members

• Prof. Dr. Carsten Dreher
• Prof. Dr. Martin Eisend
• Prof. Dr. Jochen Hundsdoerfer
• Prof. Dr. Gregory Jackson
• Prof. Dr. Natalia Kliewer
• Dr. Arne Petermann
• Prof. Dr. Sigrid Quack


Download: Brochure Pfadkolleg (3rd cohort)