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1. What is the scholarship? The Pfadkolleg Research Center offers a monthly stipend of currently (as of 10/2010) € 1150.00 plus € 103.00 appropriate grant. Parents receive an additional 400 € per month (see guidelines DFG).


2. Is there a structured PhD program? Yes, at the Pfadkolleg Research Center a number of research-oriented courses take place (with a focus in the first two terms on: “Structured PhD program”). Participation in these events is mandatory, they are usually concluded by a performance record. The lecturers are from Germany and abroad.


3. Does the Pfadkolleg Research Center also take care of my didactic training? Yes, an integral part of education at the Pfadkolleg Research Center is teaching. Scholarship holders complete a didactic training, which includes an uncompensated teaching internship for 2 hours per week at the School of Business &Economics.


4. Is there a workplace for me at the Pfadkolleg Research Center? Yes, for all PhD students, there is a workplace with computer, Internet access, and printing facilities.


5. Does the Pfadkolleg Research Center refund my journeys? Official travelling to conferences, workshops, field surveys etc. are refunded by the Pfadkolleg Research Center. A travel authorization request has to be presented in advance.


6. What about supervision of my work? Each thesis is supervised by a team of 3 advisors, which is often composed interdisciplinary. For the assistance to the doctoral theses, numerous professors are available: Responsible researchers, associate professors and assistant professors. The former take care of more than 4, the latter two supervise a maximum of 2 PhD theses. The choice of adviser is free within this framework of professors. Furthermore, on request, an external support team can be involved (also from abroad). Possible and desirable is joint work on larger projects.


7. Which PhD regulations are valid? All theses of the Pfadkolleg Research Center are handed in at the School of Business & Economics. According to the PhD regulations, at least one of the two assessors has to belong to the department.


8. Does the Pfadkolleg Research Center also take care of my publishing skills? Yes, there are various workshops for scientific publishing. Furthermore there is the intention that the primary advisor develops together with the PhD candidate a contribution that is presented at conferences and then published in a high-quality international journal.


9. Is the collegial collaboration cultivated at the Pfadkolleg Research Center? Yes, in addition to a variety of group work, it is of great importance at the Pfadkolleg Research Center that the PhD candidates stay in direct exchange with each other about their projects. Therefore from the 2nd academic year on, thematic project groups are formed. To promote communication, a mandatory day of attendance per week (during the semester) will be established (10 a.m. - 6 p.m.). On this day, there will be a regular meeting every month.


10. Are there expectations of where I live? Yes, it is required, that the PhD candidates are for three years resident in Berlin.


11. Can I work alongside? Secondary activities are subject to approval and ossible only in a very limited extent.



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