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Annette Reuter

Dipl. Soz.

Freie Universität Berlin
School of Business and Economic
Path Dependency Research Center
Garystr. 21
D-14195 Berlin
Tel.: 030/838-52121
Fax: 030/838-57186
Email: annette.reuter @ fu-berlin.de


Dissertation topic:


Path dependent professional medical routines – A longitudinal analysis of health care for patients with diabetes mellitus type II


The disease diabetes mellitus type II (DM II) can lead to unnecessarily early dysfunctional burdensome and costly late effects. The medical care in DM II is functional if the professional medical routines are individualizing. Individualizing medicine stands for routines that focus on specific patient behaviour rather than on universal biological characteristics.

There exists an unnecessarily high number of patients with early long-term consequences for DM II in Germany. In a first step the study will investigate to which extent professional routines contribute to this inefficiency. Subsequently, the principal aim will be the identification of self-reinforcing mechanisms which maintain dysfunctional professional medical routines.

The empirical analysis is based on data on medical treatments of diabetes mellitus type II patients following first diagnosis and prior to the advent of late-term consequences over the period from 1984 to 2009.


Curriculum Vitae:

Since 04/2008
PhD candidate at the Doctoral Program "Research on Organizational Paths", Free University Berlin

Diploma (postgraduate), Institute for Sociology, Free University Berlin; Diploma thesis: “The dependency of the nursing sector’s professionalization on formation, intermediation and the practical utilization of nursing knowledge”

Studies in sociology at the Institute for Sociology, Free University Berlin Key aspects: sociology of professions, sociology of health and medicine

Registered nurse, Mediavita GmbH (outpatient care)

Registered nurse, University Hospital Cologne (hematology, onkology)

Head nurse, Hospital Günzburg, (surgery, orthopedics)

Registered nurse, University Hospital Cologne (gynecology, onkology)

Exam as registered nurse, Medical School Stendal

Member of the German Sociological Association (GSA)

Member of the German Society of Nursing Science



Winter Term
Undergraduate Tutorial, „Foundations of Business Administration, School of Business and Economics, Freie Universität Berlin


Scholarships/ Awards:

  • PhD-Scholarship: German Research Foundation (since April 2008)


Research Interests:

  • Professionalization processes in health systems
  • Socialization within professions
  • Knowledge management in the occupational practice
  • Sociology of health and medicine


Publications and Conferences:

  • Frenzel, Alexander, Reuter, Annette (2010): Learning from Disease Management Programmes: How medical treatments and quality of diabetic care (type II) in Germany are directly and indirectly improved by DMPs. Poster Presentation at ISPOR (International Society of Pharmaeconomics and Outcome Research. Prague, 7.11.2010.
  • Reuter, A. (2010): Path dependent professional medical routines and its contribution to dysfunctional diabetic care in Germany. Working Paper for the 26th EGOS Colloquium, Sub-Theme 48 Institutions, creativity and change, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, June 28-July 3rd.