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PD Dr. Michaela Haase

Vitae: Studies of Political Science and Economics at the Free University Berlin (Dipl.-Vw. 1987). Ph.D. scholarship promoted by the “Nachwuchsfoerderungsgesetz” (NafoeG) from 1987-1989. Afterwards, Academic Assistant at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics in the field of Philosophy of Science at the Free University Berlin; doctoral thesis in 1993. 1994-1999 Academic Assistant at the faculty and habilitation in 1999. July 2000 - June 2001 research scholarship of the DFG on “Interaction of Organizations and Institutions”. Member of the “Information Economics Research Forum” (IERF), an interdisciplinary research group at the Free University Berlin.
Research interests: Theory of the Firm, New Institutional Economics, Philosophy of Science, and basic questions of Social Sciences.