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Previous and Future Conferences

Current conference:

Int. Conf. OR2017 Berlin: www.or2017.de


Detailed information on some of the last conferences can be found here:

Int. Conf. OR2016 Hamburg: www.or2016.de

Int. Conf. OR2015 Wien: or2015.univie.ac.at

Int. Conf. OR2014 Aachen: www.or2014.de

Int. Conf. OR2013 Rotterdam: https://www.eur.nl/ese/english/departments/department_of_econometrics/or2013

Int. Conf. OR2012 Hannover: www.or2012.de


Upcoming iterations:

Int. Conf. OR2018 Brussels

Int. Conf. OR2019 Dresden


The program committee for OR2017 can be found here: http://www.or2017.de/scientific-program/committees/index.html

A general overview about previous OR-conferences can be found here (in German language): http://www.gor-ev.de/tagungen/gor-jahrestagungen