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Key Facts about the Master in Management & Marketing


The Master of Science imparts a scientific perspective and approach in the fields of management and marketing. Our graduates acquire high conceptual competences in dealing with complex problems under a restricted amount of time. They train their social competences through teamwork, direct feedback from the lecturers as well as through the integrated semester abroad. Therefore, our graduates are excellently prepared for a career in science and business.


The Master's degree program M&M focuses strongly on scientific theories and methods. Our graduates have a deep understanding of management and marketing theories as well as excellent methodological knowledge in quantitative and qualitative research methods. The program is taught mainly in German.

Learning environment

The M&M lectures are held exclusively for the respective cohort. Around 45 students discuss interactively with the lecturers. Due to compulsory attendance at the lectures as well as regular group work and presentation, you get to know your fellow students and yourself intensively and train your soft skills.

Study abroad and study-accompanying activities

For all M&M students it is planned to study abroad at prestigious partner universities in the third semester. Through close contact with selected foreign universities, M&M students gain exciting insights into foreign languages and cultures.The Master M&M prepares students for careers in science and business. Practical lectures, excursions as well as the Circle of Excellence in Marketing ensure a constant exchange of students with the company's practice.

Who do we recommend to apply?

We advise you to submit your application if you are interested in intensive academic studies in management and marketing and you would like to discuss with professors. This means that you prefer to work interactively in groups rather than passively on slides and to study a semester at a foreign university in order to develop personally.

Who do we recommend not to apply?

However, the M&M study course is not suitable for applicants who are primarily interested in a very practice-oriented study program with a low workload, who do not want to gain experience abroad and do not want to read an English-language literature. Since this is a full-time study course with an obligation to attend and regular presentations and discussions, all applicants that are planning to work more than ten hours per week or are planning to study for more than 4 semesters should not apply.