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In these courses, you can get a better understanding of theoretical models.


  • Microeconomic Analysis
  • Econometric Analysis

Modul: Microeconomic Analysis

Goal of this Course

Students have previous knowledge of the methods and content of microeconomics. You know complex and new applications in the field and are able to use them. You have an intuitive understanding for microeconomic relationships and know the limitations and expansion of their application.


Complex applications of Microeconomics: Decsion Theory of Household and Business, Genreal Equalibrium Analysis, Main Axiomes of Welfare Economics, Partial Equalibrium Analysis, Incomplete Competition, Game Theory

Modul: Econometric Analysis

Goal of this Course

Students have previous and comfortable knowledge of basic econometric methods, which are necessary for the analysis of economic data. You are able to reflect on these processes criticially and apply them correctly. You can evaluatethe results of emprical research in econometrics and apply the methods yourself.


Modern econometric Methods: simple and multiple Regression, non-linear Methods, diagnostic Tests, dynamic Models